What is kAWT?

The goal of the kAWT project is to provide a simplified version of AWT for the KVM: The original com.sun.kjava classes included in J2ME CLDC Beta1 and the older EA-Versions of KVM differ from the standard Java UI components in many aspects. Thus, porting applications to the PDA becomes a bit complicated. The most important problem is that only limited support for event handling is provided by KVM. Our simplified version of AWT does not let all AWT programs run on the Palm without adoption, but at least the other way around should work: Applications designed for kAWT should run on the "big brothers" of the KJava platform without needing any additional modifications like wrapper classes or similar.


In contrast to the original AWT, the kAWT is implemented all lightweight similar to SWING, so for other platforms than PalmOS only a few system dependend implementation classes need to be ported.

The current kAWT implementation is a "clean room" implementation not depending on original SUN Java code, but of course on the AWT documentation.