Non-commercial License

The use of kAWT is free for private and educational use. Using kAWT in GPLed open source projects is also free (for details, see next section). There is absolutely no warranty for non-commercial use.

Commercial License

The following kAWT classes are free software distributed under the LGPL license: de.kawt.impl.j2se.*, de.kawt.impl.WrapperInterface, de.kawt.OptionDialog, de.kawt.TabbedPane, de.kawt.KAWTlet, de.kawt.ImageItem, de.kawt.Closer, de.kawt.ProgressBar, and de.kawt.WordWrap. All other kAWT classes are distributed under the QT license. The following licensing conditions apply for commercial use:
Developer Licenses

One Developer seat: $169 (including all updates for six Months; without Runtime Licenses).

Runtime Licenses
   Quantity Price
unlimited     Please ask

For orders covered by the table above, please print and sign the License Agreement (PDF) and fax it to +49 208 7824890 or send two signed copies to the adress listed in the document.

For license redistribution, unlimited licenses, customizations, or other questions concerning licensing, please send an email to

Licensing kAWT provides many advantages, for hardware manufacturers as well as for software developers:

Selected Commercial Licensees