3rd Party Projects using kAWT

Is your Application missing here? Please send an eMail to kawt@kawt.de.

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Mailing List

For general questions or comment concerning kAWT, please subscribe to our mailing list "kawt@kawt.de" by sending a mail to kawt-request@kawt.de with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

Bug Reports

If you find a bug in kAWT, please send a bug report to bugs@kawt.de (after reading the following two paragraphs).

Important: If you find a bug in KAWT, please send us a minimal JAVA program including a main method that shows the bug and that we can run without extensions.

When we get code fragments only, it is often very difficult reproduce the problem. For example, problems are often (partially) caused or influenced by side effects of other parts of the program. Also, a problem may be already fixed by yet unpublished KAWT improvements. Thus, if we get a code fragment only, we never know if we really fixed a problem or if it just disappeared because we built a different test application around the fragment.