Latest News

29. Mar. 2003   Gerd Nusser and Alex Khilov ported kAWT to an aJile system.
Please take a look at for further information.
14. Jan. 2002   Added missing and files to the MIDP source distribution file
12. Nov. 2001   xKVM (Build 3, 12-11-2001) with ROMized kAWT1.0 is available in the xKVM / ColorKVM section
11. Nov. 2001   kAWT v1.0 is available now.
  • MIDP improvements
  • some bugfixes

17. Jul. 2001   You may be interested in our upcoming Book
19. Jun. 2001   kAWT v0.9951 is available now.
  • xKVM (Build 2, 6-19-2001) with ROMized kAWT is available in the xKVM / ColorKVM section
  • The kAWT mailinglist is restarted and available again.

12. Jun. 2001   kAWT v0.995 is available now.
  • xKVM (Build 1, 6-11-2001) and an additional xKVM with ROMized kAWT are available in the xKVM / ColorKVM section
  • The kAWT mailinglist seems to be down. Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed until the weekend. We apologize for this inconvenience
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15. May. 2001   Alpha version of xKVM based on the new CLDC 1.0.2 sources and an updated version of kAWT supporting screensizes greater than 160x160 pixels are available for download in the download section.

New features in the Alpha version:

  • ColorKVM renamed to xKVM (Extended KVM)
  • Screensize above 160x160 pixels on HandEra330s (240x240) or (240x320) are supported.
  • Minimizing and maximizing HE330s silkscreen invokes repaint.
PalmIIIc HandEra 330s HandEra 330s (silkscreen minimized)

3. Mar. 2001   Updated the J9 building instructions and the Palm native image format description with contributions from Latchezar Hristov and Ross Thompson (thanks a lot!).

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